Friday, July 08, 2005

Swallowed in the sea - Coldplay

"You cut me down a tree and brought it back to me
And that’s what made me see where I was going wrong
You put me on a shelf and kept me for yourself
I can only blame myself, you can only blame me

And I could write a song a hundred miles long
Well, that’s where I belong and you belong with me
And I could write it down or spread it all around
Get lost and then get found
Or swallowed in the sea"

So the end has finally arrived. the swansong.

I guess rather than to let this blog die a quiet death, I might as well get on with hammering the final nail on the blog coffin.

I underestimated what my new role would bring to me. The challenges are great, the expectations high, the time required was 25 hours per diem. And what little leisure time I have these days are spend with N, doing up the house, the cats and family. Reading of books have been relegated to inflight reading material, transit lounge reading material etc2..and thank God for mp3 players as they keep me sane during the hectic schedule that I have. Having been on the road non stop for the last 3 weeks, I finally realized that I will not have the time ( at the present and near future) to maintain this blog. Nonetheless, with the wonders of wireless connections and my ultra thin laptop, I am still able to read wonderful and amazing stories from fellow bloggers .

An ultra condensed/compact version of what has happened since last I post:

1) Our marriage is 2 years old now.
2) Some revelations were made, good & bad.
3) I turned 30 , away from loved ones, on an offshore rig.
4) I was hopsitalized due to stress and anxiety attacks. My blood pressure rose to emergency levels.
5) I bought new albums by coldplay, audioslave, Bloc party, shakira and Nine Inch nails. and yes, not exactly listening material for a 30 yr old ( except for coldplay, who, in my mind, were always middle class and 30 ish)
6) I missed Live 8
7) I underestimated the power of sincerity and honesty. and cutting straight to the heart of a relationship. will it heal?who knows. I hope it does.
8) we have a new stray female cat named APU,named after our dead fish, who is named after the lovable grocery store owner in Springfield.
9) still working on that great travel masterpiece, which, so far, is still unwritten and currently exist in a tiny corner of the grey matter.
10) i have no more skeletons in the closet for N. no more.

there you go.

not so interesting eh?

anyway, farewell to friends and acquaintances who been dropping by. This blog will pick up again someday. but for now, rest in peace, No Alarms, No Suprises.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I dont even know myself - The Who

Contrary to the title, let's find out how well I know myself, based on this interesting interview game passed on to me by the lovely Ms.Rara Avis. And here you go:

1. What CD would you take with you to desert island and why?
Emm, no mention of how many CDs? So i am going to cheat a little. Since I will marooned on a desert island with nothing much to do, what better way to idle the time away than reminiscing about the past:

U2 - Joshua Tree
My first introduction to rock music. thanks to my weed smoking uncle. I was in my teens during the time i bought this. Suffice to say, I was miles ahead in musical taste when compared to my peers
Radiohead - The Bends
Ive had many romantic moments in London with N with this album as a soundtrack :)
Pearl Jam - Vs
The young and angry college days
Portishead - Portishead
For those lonely nights.
Bebel Gilberto - tanto tempo
reminds me of the long summer days, spending time under the American sun, with N.

2. What was the first foreign/independent film you saw? and what made you watch it?
Excluding the numerous day time chinese movies ive watched during my teens, my first exposure to "Serious" foreign movies was Cinema Paradiso, and at that time, was because I was trying hard to impress my hip new American friends in the English Lit 101 class.

3. Why do you think we have wisdom teeth?
To remind us humans that our design is not flawless.and also to humble us with the sufferings.

4. What keeps you awake at night?
what's in store for me in the afterlife.

5. What will we do when we run out of oil?
I'll be out of my job?:P
Nahhh..wont happen in my lifetime...:)

So there we go. And I guess to participate in this game, all you have to do is to scream " Interview me".


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Price of Gas - Bloc Party


sneaky eh our "elected" government, bit bit, little by little, the "subsisdies" go away to hide their inefficiencies.

so, its 10 more tomorrow for us petrol heads.

but if there is one thing i find hightly amusing, is the ability of the press rep to issue this damn ( legendary by now) statement:

"Despite the increase, the price of petrol in Malaysia would still be the
cheapest in Asean, except Brunei, while for diesel, it would be the lowest except when compared with Indonesia and Brunei. "

You gotta give it to those guys who can keep a straight face while telling the press that. :)

Friday, April 29, 2005

Dead Souls - Joy Division

At the moment I am reading this book in between airport transits.

Image hosted by

It is fuckin hilarious! I was laughing so much by myself on the ERL yesterday that this Italian chick next to me was giving me really strange looks.

Fans of CSI and forensic science in general, take note!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No Brakes - The Bravery

Im seeing cobwebs everywhere on my blog here.Knock2, anyone home?

Admittedly, I have not been doing any housekeeping nor have I been reading ANYONE's blog. I miss reading other people's blog. im a reality show junkie, so reading blogs is like a peek into someone else's lives (sounds voyeur-ish doesnt it?)Books? If books were naked brazillian girls rolling against each other, I'd still not bat an eye. Yes, that's how bad my current status is regarding the quest for knowledge and enlightment.

Currently immersed at TOP SPEED in my new position, which is beginning to look harder than anticipated. But throw me the challenge, i'll take it anyway. Its hard being a person who hardly says no to request, so i would ever be a great emperor , that would be my greatest weakness, my downfall. Maybe I try to please everyone too much, maybe i should knock in my head that, in life, you definitely cannot please everyone. if i get a fuck you from someone who is not pleased, so be it, life's like that i guess.

So, to friends and acquaintances who has not stopped dropping by ( i can already see the numbers dropping..har har har)thank you for paying attention.

To Fara, Siamese Dream is a classic. 'nuff said.

What else has been happening with my life? N buying a new car, us trying very hard to plan a holiday in spite of my hectic schedule, us asking each other when is the family of two gonna be family of three(shudder), us fighting those damn Aedes mosquitoes, so much so that every night we have resorted to arm ourselves with shelltox cans and very sore and red palms ( from squishing the mozzies to death with pleasure...)

oh yeah, managed to catch Mia Palencia yesterday at Actor's Studio. She's amazing. its a wonder why isnt big yet here in the local music scene. Her voice just fills the room and demands your strict attention. go catch her whenever you have the chance.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Positive Tension - Bloc Party

So it seems that I have taken the plunge. The dual motor I had promised to Vlad seems more and more a reality.

yes folks, yours truly has been promoted to Asia Pacific Lead Procrastinator ( come on, you didnt think I would want to reveal everything online, right? :P , what with these weirdos running around the blogging world).

So, these next coming months is gonna be abuzz with activities, meetings, trainings abroad etc2..for me . In fact, the busy-ness has taken off already, with me having almost stop reading everyone who is everyone in my small blogging circle.

Things are looking good at the moment. Im gonna be hitting 30 in the next couple of months, so maybe, my life is turning out the way Ive envisioned it all this while.

but the (blogging) show must go on.... albeit in short burst:)


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The End Is the Beginning Is the End - Smashing Pumpkins

Image hosted by

This is one of those usual "i've-been-so-busy-i-havent-had-the-time-to-blog" kinda post.

Which is true. What's also true is that I have not been blog hopping as much lately. Lo and behold, interesting, but not necessarily good things really do happen when you're away from the blogasphere. I found out that, after the demise of the quasi-legendary GongKapas times, a couple more regular bloggers ( and real life acquaintance of mine) have stopped blogging altogether.

We may never know why these bloggers stopped blogging altogether. There's bound to be rumours, whispers, stories...whatever...but then again, NOBODY is obligated to anyone to continue writing if they dont feel like it. If it starts to become a chore, when it starts to take a life of its' own, then the alarm bells should already ring. Nevertheless, their writings and adventures shall be missed dearly and hopefully they will have a change of heart again.

As for me, the end is not yet in sight at the time being. However, the prospect of a promotion is looming, very, very close, which means more travelling, more meetings, more money, which means more EXPECTATIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES. Such dirty, dirty words...:P
which also tranlates having less time to indulge in fun things like this blog. But hey, who knows, I promise myself not be a slave to my career and if I can take 10 mins in a day to just stop , take a look around ..and write, that will be good.